Our High Quality Products

For Cleanroom Use

Innovative, sterile and safe

Sterile SIMTEC cleanroom gloves guarantee highest product quality. We know your requirements! The newly-developed fit in SIMTEC disposable gloves is particularly comfortable to wear and reduces signs of fatigue compared to conventional disposable gloves. What’s more, you can feel the perfect grip with every movement.

High-quality sterile and validated gloves are an absolute must when working in critical areas. With the proven SIMTEC sterile series, we offer an all-round range of double-donnable gloves that protect not only the product but also the people wearing them. They are certified according to the latest European PPE standards. A note to our customers about the cleanliness of our disposable gloves: the release of the particles is an important indicator of the cleanliness and thus the suitability and selection of the gloves. The lower the particle emission, the cleaner the product.

Disposable protective clothing for cleanrooms

In addition to the excellent protection demonstrated against hazardous substances, such as cytostatic drugs, special attention was paid to cleanliness, comfort in wear and user-friendliness during the development of this line.

The specially-developed clean-sealed technology ensures that weak points, such as seams, are thermally sealed. This provides additional barrier protection against particles and liquids. By wearing SimSafe coveralls, no additional sleeve protectors or aprons have to be worn during the production of cytostatic drugs. The bi-component material developed for the SimSafe line dispenses completely with adhesives when connecting the carrier component and protective component. Outgassing by adhesives is therefore avoided.

All SimSafe products are available in validated sterile and non-sterile versions and are vacuum-packed in IPA-resistant, easy-to-open bags.

The only water laundered non-woven material

SimSafe is the only non-woven material which undergoes water clean treatment to achieve the required cleanroom condition. All other cleanroom non-woven apparels are only produced in cleanroom environment or clean processed.

Effective Particle Reduction with SimStep

SimStep contamination control floor mats eliminate foot- and wheel-borne particulates, bacteria and static prior to the critical area.

Particle retention of the mat is based on its liquid smooth surface; this allows greater contact with each layer of contamination from feet or wheels. The high-tech surface is slightly conforming, which allows a concentrated loading of particles and remains effective after continuous overstrikes in the same traffic area.

Strategic placement of SimStep will improve safety and quality, lower costs and increase effectiveness.

Cleanliness, quality and effectiveness

With the Vipers brand, we provide a comprehensive range of wipes and disposable mops that cover every area and every use.

Quality is our top priority. For example, every sterile product comes with a sterilisation certificate and every product undergoes a close-meshed incoming goods inspection.